FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – April 30, 2015

Indoor air in commercial building just got healthier with the introduction of the patent-pending PurealizerTM PR-UV01 unit. Available this summer – this new germicidal fixture will revolutionize the air purification industry.

The PurealizerTM PR-UV01 uses UV light in the optimum germicidal range (254nm) combined with photocatalytic oxidation to eliminate pathogens and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The fixture was designed with aesthetics, effectiveness and functionality in mind using the most advanced technologies for disinfection. The eradication capabilities of the PurealizerTM extend to less than .3 microns, the size where the most contagious viruses and contaminants are found. Operating 24/7, the PurealizerTM protects the environment by continuously purifying the air with multiple air changes each and every hour. Learn more at www.Purealizer.com

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