Germicidal Products

Germicidal fixtures use intense rays of ultraviolet light at the germicidal wavelength to kill contaminants like viruses, bacteria, yeast and toxic mold. Unlike, the UV system your building might use inside your HVAC duct system, which is helpful, our UV products are designed to maximize disinfection at a room or area level.

Constantly operating, our fixtures can be either wall mounted or installed in a standard 2′ x 2′ drop ceiling so the fixture is almost unnoticeable.

Indoor air can 2-5 times more polluted than outside air, and in some instances up to 100 times more polluted, according the EPA.  The recent introduction of Ebola to the US and the resurgence of measles make a practical case for more technologies indoor to disinfect and sanitize air.

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Coping with COVID-19

Find the latest OSHA resources related to COVID-19. In this unprecedented we're all here and together for you. Please check some of the information to help you and your families stay safe.